What is 1 Koffer Kunst?

1 Koffer Kunst is:

_light: it has no fixed structures (furnitures, walls and so on)

_versatile: it adapts itself at anytime to the context

_itinerant: it goes wherever an opportunity arises

_intermittent: it shows itself sometimes and for a short time

1 Koffer Kunst is not:

_static: it is always traveling and changing

_foreseeable: it plans its own itinerary on the base of the contingency

_traditional: it follows a rather new and emerging modus operandi

_virtual: it does not exist online only but lives in reality

1 Koffer Kunst is a project by Veronica Liotti and takes its name from the first group exhibition that she organized in Düsseldorf in May 2015.

1 Koffer Kunst is an art space that you can visit only for a short amount of time and on specific occasions.

1 Koffer Kunst is a project of contemporary art: it functions as an art space but without a fixed location. It has just a nominal location in Düsseldorf, where it is currently based.

1 Koffer Kunst will be accessible to the public only on occasion of exhibitions, events, art fairs and so on. Every time it will provisionally take a real address and location.

Even though its epiphanies are discontinuous and wanderer 1 Koffer Kunst is of course always reachable.

Bearing all this in mind 1 Koffer Kunst goes every time everywhere curiosity and chances driven it.

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